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Laura Naples

Laura Naples

Laura Naples (b. 1979) is a contemporary painter based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her gestural works in thin acrylic washes and colored pencil probe the space between dissonance and harmony. Laura’s selective application of color offers further investigation in opposition, examining dark and light, spectral tone and monochrome.

“Painting is one of the ways I practice learning and understanding of my inner being, along with meditation, journaling, and movement. When I enter the flow of full attention to the work, I can encounter circumstances with vibrant, open focus. The expression in acrylic and pencil is a record of my surrender and response to the medium’s natural tendencies; water changes the direction of the paint and pencil marks indicate connections between visual points. To me, the work is complete when it imparts a feeling of equanimity. My interest lies in its evolving creation – one of faith in mystery, practiced through painting as an inherently imperfect process – that reveals opportunities to cultivate calm amid energetic uncertainty through persistence and curiosity.” – Laura


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